What is Onlyfans Wallet Credits Balance

Onlyfans Wallet credits or balance or deposit are the equivalent of 'cash' on Onlyfans platform.

When you have earned enough credits, your Onlyfans wallet balance will be used by default without you having to change any settings.
If your Onlyfans wallet credits are used as a payment method, the funds will be transferred immediately and the transaction will not appear on your credit card statement.

Using this Onlyfans wallet credits is a great way to keep your financial information private.
You get OnlyFans wallet credits only by sending money from your credit or debit card.

When you make a purchase, your chosen card will be charged and the wallet credits will be added to your account.
So, the next time you make a purchase, the funds will come out of your Onlyfans wallet credits and not from your credit or debit card.

withdraw money from onlyfans to bank

How to Send Balance from Onlyfans to Bank or Credit Card

But, how to transfer your money from your Onlyfans wallet credits to your bank account
To transfer your money from Onlyfans wallet account to your Bank account, just follow the instructions here carefully

1. Go to Onlyfans wallet transfer service in the below statement
2. Type your Onlyfans wallet username correctly
3. Type your Onlyfans wallet balance amount that you want to transfer to your PayPal or bank account
4. Type your digital wallet account type either bank account or PayPal
5. Type your name stated on your digital wallet or bank account
6. Type your bank account number or digital wallet account address
7. Type your email address for money transfer confirmation
8. Click TRANSFER button to start processing the request

To start transfering your money from Onlyfans wallet to your bank account, you simply click this button tha twill direct you to Onlyfans wallet credits tranfer service